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Three Ways Professional Landscaping Helps to Sell a Home Faster

Does landscaping boost real estate value? This is an essential question for every homeowner planning to sell his house wonders about! According to experts, landscaping can indeed enhance a home’s marketability by several folds, and a house with an attractive yard tends to sell faster than those without!

Today, we throw light on this important question that will help you understand better the need to landscape your house years before you plan to put it for sale.

Landscaping Makes your Home Environmentally Friendly:

Most experts opine that it takes one tree to expel about 26 lbs., of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Now, that equates to about 11,000 miles worth of emissions coming from your car. Trees are essential for your environment, as they are for you, and for your house. You may be wondering how trees can help to boost your house value. Here is how. Today, more and more people are on the lookout for sustainable housing. Even if your house wasn’t originally built to be green, you can use eco-friendly landscaping to appeal to and attract buyers who are interested in sustainable houses that help them save energy, reduce water consumption, as well as pesticide use. Eco-friendly landscaping will give you access to many more buyers, as green yards are easy and cost-effective to maintain.

Landscaping Makes your Home Energy-Efficient

Adding up to the previous point, eco-friendly landscaping can help to make your home energy efficient. Eco-friendly landscaping put trees to use for shading windows and roofs. Shrubberies can be planted as windbreaks, and open areas can be used to collect snow. Shade from your trees and shrubs helps to diminish the heat reaching your home, and thereby, bring down your air conditioning costs too. These energy-saving features of your newly landscaped yard will lower your heating and cooling costs considerably, thereby, making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Landscaping Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home

Everyone loves to build up a beautiful and well-maintained yard. Hundreds of homeowners who cannot invest time in landscaping seek the assistance of landscaping services in Healdsburg, in order to enjoy leisure time at a nicely landscaped garden. Prospective buyers visit dozens of houses, and while the houses they visit may be forgotten; the memories of a beautiful yard are bound to linger up. This is why it is important for you to invest in sprucing up your yard if you wish to sell your home. You may add elements such as a fire pit, a few potted plants, and a water feature to get the best rate for your home.

Like most other services, you need to hire reputable landscaping services in Healdsburgto ensure your yard is given a good makeover. The right landscaping can increase the value of your home by an average of 12%. So, what are you waiting for? Call 707-857-2050 or contact Gardenworks Inc., for landscaping that is both aesthetic and affordable.


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