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Tips for Fall Landscaping

It is essential to know what you are supposed to and what you are not supposed to do when it comes to fall landscaping. More often than not, what you choose to do has a much larger impact on your landscaping when compared to what you choose to not do. Fall is essentially a wonderful time for landscape installation and maintenance. Listed below are a few tips of fall landscaping from reputable Sonoma County landscapers, Gardenworks.

Install New Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

Fall is a great time to install new plant material as it serves as the ideal environment for plants to grow and establish themselves. This is because of cooler temperatures and increased rain that make certain roots develop well, and transplant shock is minimized.

Don’t Prune in Fall

When hiring landscaping company, it is important that you tell them not to prune in the fall. This is because pruning boosts plant growth. In the fall, it is better that your plants stay dormant. So, leave the pruning for spring, and instead, focus on doing away with dead annuals and cutting dead perennials.

Think about Renovating or Replacing your Turf

Fall is the perfect time to landscape, renovate,or replace the turf. It is best to prepare your lawn for the harsh elements of nature in the upcoming winter. Fall is a great time to do this since it is a cooler time of the year,and has increased moisture. Your lawns need to be given a proper feeding with fertilizer so that it obtains the nutrients it needs to prepare for winter.

Don’t Let the Appeal of Fallen Leaves Stop you from Raking

The bright yellow, red and orange leaves are one of the major highlights of the fall, but this shouldn’t stop you from raking them off your lawn. Yes, the leaves can make your yard look and feel seasonal, butthey can cover and damage parts of your landscaping. Always make it a point to keep your leaves raked.

Service your Tools and Lawn Equipment

If you happen to be doing Fall landscaping yourself, see that your first service your tools and lawn equipment. This includes your trimmer, pruners, and shovels. Make sure that you give your lawnmower a good blade sharpening, a spark plug inspection, and an oil change. Irrigation and drainage are other key elements of the landscape you need to pay attention to. Fall is the best time to here Sonoma County landscapers to maintain the grounds, prepare plants for the winter ahead, and install new design projects. The only thing you need to pay attention to ensure your landscaping receives proper care and maintenance. Call Gardenworks Inc. to hire the best landscapers in Sonoma County. You will be impressed at how our gardening experts transform your yard into a piece of masterwork. Call us today at 707-857-2050 or visit Gardenworks Inc. at 20325 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville, CA 95441, United States.


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