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Tips to Save Water in Your Landscape

If done correctly, landscaping can increase the value of homes. A visually stunning and well-maintained landscape can offer a serene retreat and a relaxing environment.

As a responsible homeowner, you need to adopt environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Your aim should be to make your landscape more sustainable.

Some landscaping experts estimate that around 50 percent of water used in lawns and gardens around the country goes to waste. By taking precautions to conserve water, your landscape will not only be more efficient but also help you save on maintenance.

To help you get started, we discuss a few easy yet effective ways to reduce your landscape water use.

Invest in an Automatic Rain Shutoff Device

Consider installing an automatic rain shutoff device on your irrigation system controller. The device will help avoid accidental overwatering by telling your irrigation system controller to shut off after a specified amount of water has fallen in rain.

Install a Rain Barrel

There are several reasons to install a rain barrel. Rain barrels benefit plants in gardens as they are free of many of the chemicals found in groundwater. A rain barrel can help reduce the flow of storm runoff. Your rain barrel can clean the soil in your garden of salt build-up, thereby promoting an environment conducive to root growth.

Add a Layer of Mulch

Mulching can slow down the soil water evaporation rate. Use organic mulches such as shredded barks and wood chips. Aside from helping the soil retain moisture for a longer time, these mulches also contribute organic matter to it which promotes overall soil health.

Use Native and Drought-Resistant Plants

Native plants need less water and help prevent erosion as they are more accustomed to the climate in Sonoma County. Look for drought-tolerant plants, such as mescal agave, rockrose, palms, Watsonias, and sea holly. Before choosing a plant, make sure it will do well in your garden.

Use Water-efficient Emitters

Consider replacing old sprinkler heads, drip irrigation emitters, and rotors.

Regularly check hoses, outdoor faucets, and emitters for leaks. This is important as the EPA estimates that a single leak of 1/32” diameter on a hose, outdoor faucet, or emitter can waste more than 6,000 gallons of water every year. If you do not have enough time to perform this crucial task, avail landscaping services in Sonoma County.

Set up a Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems are more efficient than sprinkler systems. They water plants right at the roots. A drip irrigation system uses 20-50 percent less water than traditional pop-up sprinkler systems and can help save more than 30,000 gallons every year.

Gardenworks Inc. offers top-notch landscaping services in Sonoma County. Whether you live in a bungalow or own a mansion, we will come up with a landscape design that complements your home style. To discuss your landscaping ideas with an expert, call us at (707) 857-2050.


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