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Turn Your Yard Into a Kid-Friendly Garden!

Having an outdoor area where kids can enjoy themselves is an important goal for every parent. There are several benefits of outdoor play area for children. It can help them learn valuable life lessons and develop new skills and self-confidence.

Children enjoy spaces where they can roam, run, play freely, explore, and most importantly, be themselves.

Here are some ideas to turn your garden into a kid-friendly outdoor area from Gardenworks, a leading landscaper in Sonoma County.

Add Water to Your Garden

Kids love playing in water as it both stimulates their senses and is calming. To keep your kids interested, install a kid-friendly water feature such as a fountain. Alternatively, consider a splash pad, slide, or even a “run through it” sprinkler.

Most kids love interacting with birds and small animals. To help your child connect and engage with birds, install a birdbath.

Include Educational Elements in Your Yard

To help your children learn while playing, include educational elements such as signposts for plants or art sculptures in your yard.

The idea is to create an interactive garden that will engage all of your child’s senses. Create an edible (vegetable or sweet fruits) garden, an aromatic garden with fragrant plants, or a garden with beautiful plants wanting to be touched.

Create Hideaway Spaces

Kids love cubbies and other spaces where they can hide. It is not difficult to figure out ways to create a cozy garden hideaway in your yard. Place an outdoor chair and table in a quiet corner or add a fort, and voila! Your garden hideaway is ready. To make your outdoor area more fun, create a pathway where kids can walk or ride their bikes.

Attract Butterflies

Kids love butterflies as they get excited by their vivid colors and patterns. Try these tips to attract butterflies to your garden.

  1. Provide nectar sources year round.

  2. Create mud puddles as they contain essential nutrients (salt and minerals) that butterflies need to breed successfully.

  3. Avoid using harmful insecticides.

  4. Use baskets, pots, and window jars to attract butterflies to your patio, porch, or other visible parts of your landscape.

  5. Provide food sources (such as vegetables and herbs) for caterpillars.

Create Places That Inspire Movement

Plant trees for climbing or open grassy areas for running. Add stones and logs that kids can climb. Place objects such as rocks, pebbles, or sticks that kids use during play in your garden.

Gardenworks Inc. offers reliable landscaping services in Sonoma County. Whether you want to build a new landscape from scratch or plan to give an existing landscape a makeover, we have got you covered. To discuss your requirement with our team, call (707) 857-2050.


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