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Unique Design Ideas for Walkways & Front Entrances

A well-thought-out and crafted entry walkway is indeed the first introduction to your homethat guides visitors to your doorstep. Thankfully, every landscape contractor in Sonoma County offers an enticing collection of layouts and materials to pick from. You will have no trouble in enjoying the perfect front entrance that will speak volumes of not just your home but also your hospitality. A unique and stylized walkway does not have to be an elaborate and expensive project. Listed below are a few unique ideas to create astunning passageway for your home.

Colorful Creation – If you are fond of colors, you can opt for stampings to create a bright stone walkway. Simple concrete walkways are a less expensive option than stamped concrete. Concrete can also be colored or stained to mimic any of the catalog ideas. A concrete choice also keeps your weeding to an absolute minimum, as you will not have to deal with little seeds that make their way in between bricks over time. You may also hire a reputed landscape contractor in Sonoma County, like Gardenworks, to bring in a variety of designs and colors should you decide to take the etching route.

Puzzle Pieces – Looking to create a rustic pathway? Consider laying out a jigsaw puzzle, and use well-placed pieces of slabs in a zig-zag manner to provide a smooth path leading all the way to your front entrance. This non-conventional look will provide not just a phenomenal pathway, but also a visual focal point that runs from the yard all the way to your front door.

Eclectic Design – Mix and match pavers and stones to create a piece of art that complements your landscaping. You can pick swirls and color combinations that are of different shapes and colors, and filled in with rocks to create a focal point. Not only is this a fun project for the entire family, but also is fun to look at, and will win you dozens of compliments.

One thing to keep in mind when considering your new entry path is the underlying preparation of the subsoil as well as drainage and which directions is best for water to move. Elevations and grades are also an important consideration.

If you are running out of ideas to give your walkway and front entrance a mind-blowing makeover, fret not; for help is at hand. Hire Gardenworks Inc., and leave the rest to our reliable and experienced landscapers who will transform any dull and drab-looking walkway into something splendid!


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