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Uses of Reflecting Pool in Gardens

Two of the most well-known reflecting pools are at the Lincoln Memorial in the U.S. and the Taj Mahal in India. Many people have the misconception that reflecting pools are meant only for palaces, monuments, castles, and temples. On the contrary, many landscaping services in Sonoma County can create reflecting pools to provide mesmerizing views of nearby natural features.

What are Reflecting Pools?

The pools are a water feature, similar to a fountain or conventional pond in a garden. However, unlike a pond, reflecting pools do not have fish or plants. The purpose of this water feature is to create a reflection of the surroundings on the surface of the water. So, when you sit beside the pool and look into the water, you see the crystal clear reflection.

You can add a reflecting pool in a formal or natural garden without any hassle. In a formal garden, the pool will be round or rectangular in shape, and usually created from precisely cut stones or bricks. On the other hand, in a natural garden, the pond is made to look as natural as possible, and it will almost always have an irregular shape.

Uses of Reflecting Pools

A reflecting pool is designed to reflect a landscape element at a distance or in the vicinity. The main purpose of the pool is to create an attractive element in the garden. Most people sit at a reflecting pool to think, meditate, and relax.

If you are looking to de-stress and calm yourself down after a hectic day at work, this is just the water feature you need in your garden. Staring into the undisturbed surface of the water, watching a stunning reflection will allow you to think without hindrance and also help you calm down if you are stressed.

You can use the reflection in the pond as a point to concentrate if you are looking to meditate. Since the pond will reflect something you like or admire, it can help you focus on your meditation.

Another use of the reflecting pond is to boost the curb appeal of a home. If you have an attractive home design or spectacular landscape in your neighborhood, building a reflecting pond will allow you to capture that through its reflection on the water’s surface.

Just remember that it takes finesse, artistry, and knowledge to build a reflecting pool. So choose your landscaping services in Sonoma County with care. If you need help with landscaping, Gardenworks Inc. is a name you can trust. Waste no time; call us today at (707) 857-2050.


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