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Valuable Tips for Creating Beautiful Garden Landscapes

Your landscape is one of the first things people notice about your property. A well-maintained landscape will make your home stand out from the crowd. Creating a visually appealing landscape takes some doing and there are various factors at play. Before you get started on your project, consider these tips to create a landscape your neighbors will envy.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point draws attention and directs the eye which will add depth and interest to your outdoor space. An effective focal point intensifies the surrounding and provides inspiration, transforming your garden from good to great. You can use an antique bench, a water body, or a tree as a focal point.

Add Flowers or Flowering Plants

Flowers and flowering plants have an amazing ability to beautify a space. They can liven up even dull spaces that lack character. Flowering plants provide contrast and variety. Use both annuals and perennial flowers such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, marigolds, and cosmos in your garden. You do not always need plants to add colors to your landscape and can use herbs and vegetables with beautiful flowers. Typical examples include spring onions, chives, and rosemary.

Use Fewer Varieties

While a garden with different varieties of plants will look like it is out of a fairy tale, you may spend more time maintaining it than enjoying it. If you do not have enough time for landscape maintenance, use fewer low-maintenance varieties in your garden. Keep rotating plants for managing pests and soil fertility.

Add Garden Art

Consider adding personality to your garden with an ornament, treasured find, or collection. You can also make a small pot or ornaments to be used in your garden. If you want to hide a bare wall or do not want to paint the walls, consider using a bamboo blind as a backdrop. You can also staple some fabric to a timber frame with contrasting color.

Control Pests and Weeds

Both pests and weeds can damage plants in your garden. While weeds compete with plants for nutrients, pests can cause irreversible damage to garden plants. To prevent this from happening, use plants such as lavender, rosemary, or mint that ward off pests. Be sure to add mulch to your garden and get rid of weeds before they reach seeds.

Get Rid of Clutter

Remove leaves and debris. Mow your lawn and trim hedges. Keep your shed neat and tidy. Remove equipment, outdoor toys, and any other items that are not supposed to be in your garden.

Need help with creating your dream landscape? Look no further than Gardenworks Inc. We offer top-notch landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County and live to create gardens that complement our clients’ personality and provide the right aesthetic. To discuss your project, call us at 707-857-2050.


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