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What Affects the Cost of My Landscape Design?

A well-executed landscape design project can transform your outdoor area into an oasis. A professional landscape designer will help you dream up your ideal landscaping and then manage the installation/construction of your project from start to finish. 

What effects the cost of landscape design services?

Price is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a landscape design service in Sonoma County.  Here are some factors that affect the cost of a landscape design from our team at Gardenworks.

Your Designer’s Experience and Credentials 

Accreditations and certifications are an indicator of a professional’s level of experience and skill. An experienced designer with a lengthy career, impressive portfolio, and multiple certifications will charge more but is well worth it as they bring years, if not decades, of experience to the table. 

Landscape Style 

If your design prioritizes modern design with native plantings, wildlife habitat, and low water use plant options, your designer will have to think outside the box. For example, projects like an authentic English or Japanese garden will require skills, knowledge, and planning to sculpt (and maintain), and you should expect to pay more. The more amenities you are considering, the more time will be involved to place them functionally and aesthetically.

Your Property 

A larger property with a broader area and space will require a different approach. Your designer may have to come up with a plan to make different landscape features such as your patio, pool, and pathways to create a harmonious look. 

The larger your property, the more time your landscape designer will spend on drafting. These factors will impact the overall cost of your project. 

Small spaces can present their unique challenges. Your landscape designer may have to invest more time to develop a plan to create a functional and cohesive design that binds all the elements together, which will cost you more. 

If your property is on a hill, has environmental issues, or has a mature landscape, you may have to spend more than usual. 

Landscape Features 

The more features you desire, the higher the overall cost of your project. Implementing features like a fireplace, deck, outdoor kitchen, pool, or LED lighting accent, will contribute to the overall cost of your project. 

Are you working on a tight budget? Prioritize the right features. Work with an experienced designer who understands how each feature will affect your cost and goals. Once you gain this understanding, you will be able to develop a solution that meets your expectations.  

Gardenworks is a reputable landscape design/build company in Sonoma County. Our team will come up with a design to tie the elements of your landscape in a unified, functional way. If you are looking for landscape design/build services in Sonoma County, contact us at (707) 857-2050 to make an appointment.


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