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What’s the Difference Between a Gardener and a Landscaper?

Gardening and landscaping are closely related. For most Santa Rosa homeowners, both a gardener and landscaper can beautify your landscape. Though your gardener and landscaper may have similar responsibilities, they play different roles in keeping your landscape looking its best all year round.

What Does a Landscaper Do?

Landscapers design and build landscapes. They select plants and flowers for gardens and build decks, pergolas, water features, and pavements. There are two types of landscapers – landscape designers and landscape builders. Landscape designers help design and craft landscapes. Landscape builders or landscapers take these designs and bring them into reality. Many landscape designers also build landscapes. Many landscape architects have a landscaping team or join hands with a landscape builder who can bring their vision to life. Some landscape designers supervise landscaping projects. For example, a landscaper near you can add a retaining wall to your garden, install a flagstone pathway, correct drainage problems, and add lighting to your outdoor area.

Landscaper Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Creating landscape plans and scheduling landscape construction and installation

  2. Analyzing the soil and area and clearing debris

  3. Selecting landscape plants and deciding on landscape materials

  4. Estimating the amount of landscape materials required

  5. Creating hardscapes

  6. Designing and constructing water features such as ponds, outdoor waterfalls, and artificial streams

  7. Constructing and installing fences, pergolas, and trellises

  8. Constructing steps and paved areas

  9. Choosing different types of turf for specific parts of backyards

  10. Coming up with landscaping ideas to improve backyard privacy

  11. Scattering rocks throughout backyard gardens to create texture

What Does a Gardener Do?

Gardeners are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping plants in gardens healthy. Gardeners know all there is to know about plants. They help homeowners choose plants according to their climate. A gardener knows the right way to arrange plants in gardens. They have a deep knowledge of pruning principles and can come up with a plan to keep garden pests at bay. Your gardener may prune your plants, water them, fertilize the soil, mow your lawn, and maintain fences or pavements, but won’t build a gazebo or retaining wall. Some professional gardeners acquire unique skills and can carry out specialized tasks such as pruning Japanese maples and maintaining rock gardens.

Gardener Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Creating a pest-resistant garden

  2. Pruning plants

  3. Dealing with plant diseases and infestations

  4. Managing soil health

  5. Trimming tree branches

  6. Removing lawn thatch

  7. Choosing plants that thrive in local climate

  8. Some gardeners offer additional services, such as applying decorative gravel and mulch and repairing fences

Gardenworks is one of the most trusted landscaping companies serving Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Our experts bring years of experience and specialized skills to the table. In addition, their ability to combine functionality and aesthetics in their landscape designs sets them apart from their peers. To schedule an appointment, call  (707) 857-2050.


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