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When Should You Water Plants and Trees in Summer?

Plants and trees are an essential part of landscaping. Your plants and trees provide shade, beautify your backyard, and help create a serene environment including habitat for wildlife. Summer is a testing time for plants and trees. They need proper nutrition and adequate water to survive and thrive.

The Best Time to Water Your Plants and Trees in Summer

Many outdoor enthusiasts realize the importance of regularly watering their plants and trees in summer; however, they do not know the right time to water them.

Morning is the best time to water your plants and trees in summer. Watering plants in the morning is one of the best ways to help them retain water and boost their natural growth cycle.

Watering your plants and trees in the morning (before 10 AM) will provide them with a stash of water that they can utilize to get through the day’s heat.

Additionally, your plants get enough time to dry, which helps prevent fungal diseases. Watering your trees in the morning may prevent evaporation. This creates opportunities for the roots to absorb water.

Why Watering Plants at Night is Not Ideal

Many people believe that night is the best time to water plants in summer as the air temperature continues to fall after sunset. Contrary to popular notion, watering plants and trees at night in summer is not suitable for their overall health.

If you water your plants and trees at night, their leaves will take more time to dry (as they won’t receive any sunlight). The longer the water stays on the surface of your plants’ leaves, the more detrimental it can be to their health. Damp leaves are highly vulnerable to fungal development.

Fungal infections spread rapidly. If a plant in your garden becomes infected, you could soon be dealing with a full-blown infestation.

If your schedule does not allow you to water your plants and trees in the morning, water them in the late afternoon, just before dusk.

Golden Rules for Watering Plants Properly

These are some rules for watering plants Sonoma County landscapers swear by:

  1. Water only when needed, typically once the top 2” of the soil is dry

  2. Use a cycle and soak method to allow water to percolate deeper into the soil

  3. Use watering devices that supply water at ground level, helping keep leaves dry.

  4. Provide enough water to reach the roots of your plants.

  5. To prevent lopsided development, avoid watering plants at one side. Instead, provide water equally all around your plants.

  6. Take steps to prevent waterlogging as it can damage the roots of plants.

  7. Refer to the City of Santa Rosa’s “WaterSmart” section of their website for watering schedule recommendations

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