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Which One Makes a Better Choice: Gas or Battery-Powered Equipment?

Gas-powered yard equipment or battery-powered equipment? Which should you invest in? The debate over which is better – gas-fueled or battery-operated lawnand gardentools – continues to rage on. Although,when it comes to edgers and trimmers, the two sides have honestly gotten a lot closer. Innovations in technology have also led to the improvement of both electric and gas models that make the decision all the more difficult. So, which one should you pickgas or battery? Here is some advice from the expert Sonoma County landscapers.

Electric equipment is easier to maintain – What makes electric lawn equipment such a hit among homeowners is that it is easy to maintain. Yes, there is no gas engine to maintain, no spark plugs, air filters or oil to change – just insert the battery and use. Also, they work great in spring after having been thrown into the garage all winter long– with only a battery that needs to be charged. Gas equipment, on the contrary, can act fussy without proper storage.

Good electric equipment ismore expensive–Lawn mowers come in all sizes and budgets. However, if you want something that is reliable and will perform well, you will have to invest quite a few hundred dollars on it. Gas mower models are less expensive, and work just as well. This isn’t to say you must not spend more money on an electric mower. When you invest in a good electric mower, you canrest assured it will give you years of reliable service. Reading reviews will come in handy here

Gas-Powered equipment produces more power – When you compare the difference in performance between a gas and battery poweredlawnmower, it is evident that gas-powered equipment is pretty darn powerful. Battery powered equipmentthough powerfulcan only provide so much powerbased upon the size of the battery. Yes, they do perform just fine, but if you deal with thick tall weeds, gas-powered lawn mowers aremost likely a better choice!

Electric Equipment worksgreat for smaller yards andlawns – If your yard is small, a heavy-duty gas-powered mower might be overkill. This is where battery-powered lawn equipment comes into the picture. They work great on smaller yards, just as they do on larger yards. Do bear in mind that a single charge can last anything between 30 and 60 minutesor longer, and you may need to carry an extra battery with you in case you drain the first one. That is the flip side to battery-powered equipment - when it runs out of juice, you will need to have a spare battery handy or wait for the unit to recharge before you finish the job. Refilling a gas tank, on the other hand, is simple and quick, and has no downtime whatsoever! If you have a really small yard, simply invest in a corded mower that will do the trick!

To sum it up, gas-powered lawn equipment has its pros and cons, as do battery-powered equipment. Do your homework! Weigh your needs and preferences when investing in equipment to mow your lawn and tend your garden. When in doubt, rely on the expertise of Sonoma County landscapers. Call Gardenworks at 707-857-2050 to hire expert landscape designers and experts to give your yard a dream makeover.


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