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Why Add Organic Mulch to my Landscape?

Experts tell us that a great way to retain moisture from both rainfall and irrigation is to add a 2-3" layer of organic mulch.  New research has proven that adding a 3” layer of organic mulch is one of the best ways to help your landscape and garden areas endure drought conditions. Top 10 reasons to mulch!

  1. Maintains rain and irrigation water in the soil profile

  2. Assists in erosion control during prolonged, heavy periods of rain

  3. Insulates roots during cold weather

  4. Prevents some weed germination and smothers existing weeds

  5. Adds organic matter back into the soil as it decomposes

  6. Releases nutrients into the soil over time

  7. Gives your landscape a finished look and adds curb appeal

  8. Cools area around base of plants during heat spells

  9. Saves irrigation water use in the growing season

  10. Reduces evaporation from soil surfaces Protect your landscape investment.  Mulching is considered important for water conservation during drought and for erosion control during long periods of rain! Whatever this winter brings, mulching will help you prepare your garden areas. If adding a layer of mulch is of interest to you, please contact us. We will come out to your property, measure your landscape areas, and prepare a quote.


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