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Why Landscape with Native Plants?

Many landscaping experts recommend landscaping with natives. They are adapted to the local climate and contribute to the overall health of local ecosystems in a wide variety of ways including water conservation and erosion reduction.

Since they have adapted to local conditions, when planted correctly, native plants need less maintenance than more typical ornamental plants and can help save you money, time, and resources on landscape maintenance. Still can’t decide if you should add native plants to your landscape? Read on to learn 4 reasons why landscaping maintenance companies in Santa Rosa suggest using native plants now more than ever.

They Need Less Water, Pesticides and Fertilizers

Native plants have adapted root systems that increase the soil’s capacity to retain water while also reducing water runoff and erosion. Typical ornamental plants may require additional fertilizers and pesticides to survive and thrive in our local climate. Phosphorus and nitrogen are the main ingredients of fertilizers. Every year, a large amount of the excess phosphorus and nitrogen in fertilizers applied to lawns run off into water bodies and pollute them. Native plants need less fertilizers and pesticides which helps reduce environmental pollution.

They Need Less Attention and Maintenance

Traditional lawns and gardens need extra attention from you for both maintenance and watering purposes. Whereas native plants are more suited to our environment already they require a much lower level of maintenance. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for your wallet.

They Provide Shelter and Food for Wildlife and Pollinators

Native plants attract local wildlife and pollinators. Their pollen, seeds, and nectar serve as food for native birds, butterflies, and insects. Non-natives, on the other hand, may be of little use to local wildlife. Local wildlife and pollinators will benefit greatly from an increase in native plant life, not to mention that they will add a certain charm to your landscaping. Native pollinators in particular stand to benefit the most due to the currently dwindling bee populations.

They Can Help Improve Public Health

Most synthetic pesticides and fertilizers used in traditional lawns and gardens contain caustic compounds and chemicals. During rains and excessive irrigation cycles, excess chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides can find their way into local water bodies, polluting them. For example, high levels of nitrates and nitrites in water supply and food sources has been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, certain types of cancers, diabetes mellitus, and hemoglobin disorders. Native plants do not need fertilizers to survive and thrive, and can help improve public health. Gardenworks is committed to helping homeowners in Santa Rosa create the landscapes of their dreams. We use our experience and know-how to create low-maintenance landscapes that do not just look beautiful, but also help preserve biodiversity. To make an appointment with a landscaping professional, call (707) 857-2050.


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