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Winter Gardening Tips

As December and the year draws to a close, and with the latest freeze behind us, we have compiled some key gardening tips for you to perform to ready your property for the winter months.

  1. Turn off your irrigation system for the winter.

  2. If winter rains do not arrive, water newly planted bulbs every 7-10 days during growth and bloom periods.

  3. Winter is when bare-root fruit trees and berries are available at nurseries.

  4. Winter is an excellent time to assess the “bare bones” of your yard, when many trees and plants are resting and few flowers are blooming. The right groundcover or vine can soften the stark contrasts between trees, shrubs, and hardscape features such as fences and sidewalks.

  5. Remember to water all the frost-tender plants you have stored under the eaves or patio covers.

  6. Organize the tools necessary to prune roses and keep them sharp and clean. Physan sterilizes tools without rusting them.

  7. Maintain a 2 in. layer of mulch around plants, but keep 2-4 inches away from plant stems or trunks. Mulch with pea gravel around plants susceptible to crown rot.

  8. Remove and dispose of fallen fruit and or fruit still hanging on trees -- this will help control overwintering disease and pests.

  9. It is best to pick up fallen rose leaves under rose plants as they often house fungus spores that can re-enter the plants in spring.

  10. Begin planning next year's landscape to be ready to implement in spring. Designing a landscape can take several to many weeks depending upon its complexity.


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