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5 Popular Landscape Designs for Your Front Yard and Backyard

With great landscaping ideas for your front yard and backyard, transforming your home’s curb appeal becomes a piece of cake. Most homeowners fix their front yard first because it is what people see first. But it is just as important to give your backyard attention, as it is often where you and your family relax, and where you entertain guests with BBQs and outdoor gatherings. To make your front yard and backyard look amazing, you should hire a top landscape designer in Sonoma County, and make your dream outdoor space come to life.

5 Amazing Front Yard and Backyard Landscape Designs

Here are 5 popular landscape designs to transform your front yard and backyard.

  1. Add a Garden Arbor: Do you want to give your garden a makeover with a stunning design? Have you considered an arbor? This is a simple yet beautiful design idea for a walkway, whether it is in your front yard or backyard. Install a vine-covered arbor to give your outdoor space a breathtaking, ethereal feel.

  2. Place Simple Flower Beds: Sometimes, a few simple touches in your landscape are all you need to give your landscape a gorgeous look and feel. Transform your front yard by placing simple flowerbeds that burst with a wide range of colors and textures. If you have a porch, hang flowerpots for added charm.

  3. Border with Lavender: When you have a well-planned outdoor space, it brings both beauty and elegance. If you need to reinforce property lines, do it in a way that adds visual appeal. A great idea is to achieve reinforcement with a straight run of Bluestone pavers. Add lavender along the borders so you create a focal point for the eye.

  4. Create a Relaxing Space with Gravel and Greenery: Do you love spending time in your backyard? Why not create a tranquil sitting area? All you need to do is use gravel for carving out the spot you desire, and surround it with greenery. You can also add vines for even more aesthetic appeal.

Add Texture and Dimension with Elevated Steps: The front of your home is the area that makes the first impression, good or bad, depending on your design. To make a memorable first impression, add elevated steps to your front yard. This can bring both texture and dimension. Frame the steps with an abundance of different plants and flowers to bring in splashes of color and texture.

Work with the Top Landscape Designer in Sonoma County

Whether it is for your front yard or backyard, make sure to hire a leading landscape designer in Sonoma County to make your dream landscape come to life. For the top professionals in landscaping, look no further than Gardenworks Inc. Call us today at (707) 857-2050 for a no-obligation quote!


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