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Choose the Right Plant for the Right Place in Your Landscape

What are the things you consider when choosing plants for your garden? Their smell? Their appearance? While aesthetically appealing and fragrant plants will surely enhance your property’s value, the first thing you must consider when selecting plants for your garden is the type of ecosystem you are working with, not how beautiful a plant looks or how pleasant it smells.

Before you start looking for plants, make an effort to develop an in-depth understanding of the type of soil (soil composition) in your landscape, the sun and shade patterns in your garden, and water availability. This will help you figure out which plants can survive and thrive in your yard. These are items that professional landscaping services in Sonoma County consider with each new project.

Remember, plant selection can make or break a garden. Here are some factors to consider when selecting landscape plants:

  1. Hardiness zone

  2. The competition posed by existing vegetation. Learn about the root systems of the plants you are planning to add to your landscape

  3. Soil type and drainage

  4. The quantity and quality of water available

  5. The number of obstructions or aboveground wires

  6. Intensity and duration of light in different areas

  7. Exposure to different weather events, such as flooding and erosion

  8. Exposure to strong winds and temperature extremes

Going Native

Many landscapers prefer native plants to non-native species. There are many reasons why you should think along similar lines. Many native plants can survive and thrive better than non-native species in their local environments. Once established, they require fewer pesticides and less water. They also provide food and shelter for local pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and birds.

That said, native plants are not a panacea. When selecting natives for your garden, consider their needs, in terms of sun exposure, water requirement, and soil conditions. Remember, planting natives requires as much planning and care as non-natives.

How Big Can a Plant Get?

How big a plant gets will depend on its genetic makeup and whether it gets adequate nutrients to support growth. Conditions in which a plant is grown also has a significant impact on its development. Do not select a plant until you are confident that your landscape can provide enough nutrients and the right conditions for its growth.

Still unable to choose the best plants for your landscape? Let Gardenworks Inc. help. We offer superior landscaping services in Sonoma County. Whether you need help with designing a new landscape from scratch or are looking for ideas to maintain an existing landscape, we have got you covered. Our team comprises landscaping experts. These professionals leverage their expertise and creativity to design cost-effective landscaping solutions. To talk to one of our experts, call us at (707) 857-2050.


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