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Elements of Landscape Design in Sonoma County: Hardscape Design and Hardscaping?

  1. When considering landscaping services for your property, you also need to look into potential hardscaping and hardscape design.

  2. What exactly is this though, and how can it improve upon the overall look and feel of your property? It’s surprisingly straight forward, yet can make a major impact on the appearance of your property.

  3. So, before you move forward with any kind of landscape designer in Sonoma County, make sure you take a look at what kinds of services go into hardscaping.

  4. Examples of Hardscaping

Once you dive into hardscaping, you’ll see it is rather straight forward as to what it is and how it can impact your property. Sidewalks and walkways stand as one of the most common uses of hardscaping. Typically, this is more than just your standard cement slab sidewalk though.

It usually brings in more organic looking stone, laid out into the landscaping to appear as if it is simply a stone path carve out naturally. Of course, as it is your property you can work with the designers to achieve a look that best fits your individual needs.

Beyond this, stairs, sleeper and retaining walls are all part of the hardscaping process as well. If you want to bring stonework into your landscaping, this is the kind of service you need to consider.

  1. Marrying Landscaping and Hardscaping

When it comes to implementing landscaping and hardscaping together you really need a service provider that excels in both.

  1. This is because installing one and then the other can cause a bit or a rift in the natural look of the two.

  2. Plus, the last thing you want is to rip out some of the recently installed landscaping in order to lay out the hardscaping. So, before you decide on one service provider, make sure you look at what exactly they are able to do for you and whether or not they can help your landscaping property reach its fullest potential.

Hardscaping can do everything from bringing in organic looking sidewalks to the construction of retaining walls and other “hard” stone designs. Integrating these areas into your landscaping, helps take the overall appearance of your property to an entirely different level.

So, no matter what kind of property you own, whether it is business or residential, small or large, make sure to take advantage of the services of a landscape designer in Sonoma County, such as GardenWorks, and call them today!


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