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Fall Cleanup: What to do with all the leaves?

As the days get shorter and the nights cooler, the vistas get more beautiful! Multi-colored scenes welcome us in our yards every morning. And, then the leaves begin to fall and every homeowner is confronted with the question – to collect or not?

While conventional gardening techniques lean towards picking up leaves, the environmentally-minded folks advocate leaving the leaves where they fall to act as natural compost. Both sides are right. But, most gardens and the plants within them are different and that affects how you need to treat them and prepare them for winter. Listed below are a few tips from a leading landscape designer in Sonoma County that will help ready your garden for the upcoming winter.

Mower collection: If you have a big yard with many trees, you are bound to have a lot of leaves strewn around when fall kicks in. Bag the leaves using a mower with a bag attachment. A good mower will shred the leaves, so they are ready to become mulch or compost! The best time to mow the leaves is when they are still damp from the morning dew. A little dampness will prevent them from blowing around way too much.

Blow them: Use a leaf blower to manage and redistribute fallen leaves, acorns, and twigs in a large yard. Consider using a large tarp on the ground under the trees and blow the leaves onto it. Once your tarp is full, it can be easily dragged to the disposal area marked out for composite preparation.

Vacuum tight spots: If you have a small yard, you may consider using a vacuum to gather fallen leaves. A powerful hand vacuum sucks up leaves fast and can be used around shrubs, flowerbeds, and other areas that are hard to take. The vacuum will mince the leaves and compact them, so you will not need to empty the bag every five minutes. The debris can then be used for mulch or compost. Fall clean-up can be a strenuous task, that is best left to the pros. Contact Gardenworks Inc., for reliable and hassle-free service at a price that will not break the bank. We also offer great discounts and offers to our returning customers. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call Gardenworks at 707-433-7368, the best landscape designers in Sonoma County for all your garden woes.


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