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Finding the Right Landscape Designers in Sonoma County

A garden can be a sanctuary. It’s a place where, if many natural features are brought together by an organic and harmonious landscape design, you can relax and have peace of mind. As such, you should consider having landscaped areas within your property filled with artistically placed landscape boulders, colorful plants, meandering paths, breathtaking water features and perhaps a fire pit. To bring out the best of your garden, you need the service of a professional company with extensive experience in landscape design, construction and landscape maintenance. In light of the fact that there are many landscape designers in Sonoma County, you should consider the following factors if you want to get the best in landscaping services.

Work Experience

Your preferred landscape company should have been in the business long enough to understand what can work for your garden and what cannot in accordance with local regulations, climate, soil type, etc.. In fact, the longer one has been in business, the more experience they have.

Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance

Landscaping work can sometimes result in costly mistakes, such as a tree falling on your house. Therefore, it is advisable to always work with residential or commercial landscapers who have liability insurance to cover any damages that may arise in the course of their work. Every worker employed by your landscape company on your property must be covered by Workers Compensation Insurance in case of injury.

Warranty and Cost

You don’t want to contract a company to do a job and after a short period of time, the landscape lighting starts misbehaving or the plants start dying off and you have no warranty. It is advisable to work with commercial or residential landscapers that offer warranties on their work. Go for a landscape company who stand behind their work.

Returned Phone Calls

The construction industry as a whole has a black eye when it comes to returning phone calls. A professional landscape company will always return phone calls in a timely manor. Having a real person answering the phone is always a plus.

Final Thoughts

Besides giving you peace of mind, Landscaping can significantly raise the value of your property. When it comes to designing, installing and managing your garden or landscape, you need to hire a reputable landscape company. If you live in Sonoma County, you can bet on Gardenworks to provide you with unmatched service. They have a reputation of offering a wide range of premium quality services, including sustainable landscaping, water conservation, and water management. Call them today at 707-857-2050.


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