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Gardenworks Inc. is a Landscape Contractor in Sonoma County

When it comes to finding a landscape contractor in Sonoma County, home and business owners have a lot of choices. At Gardenworks Inc., our founders Jay Tripathi and Peter Estournes are proud to say that many of those customers chose us and we work hard to never leave one unsatisfied. In fact, our team prides itself on the quality of its work and on our unparalleled commitment to customer service. Here is a quick sampling of just some of the services we offer to the homes and business owners of Sonoma County: Landscaping – If all you need is a traditional lawn service, Gardenworks Inc. can certainly accommodate you, but we really do offer so much more. For example, our design team can help you design your next garden and choose the right plants for it. Then our landscape technicians can expertly plant the foliage for both maximum visibility and viability. Waterscaping – From striking water features to efficient state of the art sprinkler systems, the team at Gardenworks Inc. can do it all. Over the past four decades, we have installed everything from creeks and waterfalls to reflecting pools and fish ponds – all of them in an environmentally sensitive and water conserving manner. Hardscaping – Similarly, Gardenworks Inc. can help design and install backyard rock gardens or pathways. Our carpentry crew members are experts at installing pre-made or custom gazebos and trellises. Alternatively, we can build wooden decks or stone walls completely from scratch according to your or your architect's specifications. In short, when it comes to landscape features, if you can imagine it, we can create it at Gardenworks Inc. For more information on our landscape contractor in the Sonoma County area, please contact us at Gardenworks, Inc. We can be visited online at for general information or contacted directly at 707.857.2050 with specific questions or to schedule an appointment.


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