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How Can I Create a Low-maintenance Yard?

An aesthetically pleasing landscape can do wonders for your home. It can help create a serene and relaxed environment in your backyard.

Landscapes require maintenance. Many homeowners would love to have a beautiful backyard where they can relax and unwind, but do not have enough time to regularly perform proper maintenance.

Follow these low-maintenance landscaping tips and we assure you that you will spend more time appreciating the beauty of your landscape and less time maintaining it.

Get Started With Xeriscaping

Xeriscape your yard to save time and money. Xeriscaping is the process of designing landscaping in a way that minimizes necessary irrigation and watering. If done correctly, xeriscaping can reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water.

Use as many native and drought-resistant plants as possible in your yard. Arrange them in water-saving, efficient ways. Get rid of water-wasting plants and mulch properly.

Build a Rock Garden

As the name suggests, a rock garden is designed to feature a number of rocks, boulders, and stones. Rock gardens usually contain drought-tolerant plants that can survive without water for days.

Moreover, the rocks do not need any maintenance or water. Make sure your rock garden plants and the rocks in your rock garden mesh with your home. Tipping the stones will allow water to run into the soil, helping your rock garden plants absorb more water.

Install an Automatic Irrigation System

An automatic irrigation system can operate with no or minimal manual intervention. It is designed to automatically supply water depending on the way it is programmed.

An automatic irrigation system can increase the value of your yard and save time. Proper programming of your irrigation controller will save money on your water bill and help the environment. Your goal should be to only water as much as necessary for the needs of the plants being irrigated. If drought tolerant plants are installed this should lower your water footprint

Mulch Your Yard

Mulching conserves soil moisture by reducing surface evaporation and controlling soil erosion. Organic mulches feed plants, beneficial microbes, and earthworms. They conserve water and reduce the need for irrigation. An organic mulch can suppress seasonal weeds, helping simplify garden care.

Replace the Grass in Your Lawn With Clover

Clover lawns have several advantages over traditional grass fields. Clover lawns require little or no mowing. They attract pollinating insects and do not need pesticides and herbicides. Clover is a drought-resistant plant and stays green all summer with minimal watering.

Gardenworks Inc. offers top-notch landscaping services in Healdsburg. We are an environmentally-friendly business and are committed to creating sustainable landscapes. Our landscaping experts use time-tested methods to create water-smart landscapes that need little to no supplemental water. To discuss your landscaping project with an expert, call (707) 857-2050.


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