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How Does Using a Professional Landscape Design Benefit My Project?

A professional and creative landscape design is an introduction to a residential or commercial building. It tells visitors that the project was designed to enhance its architecture and terrain setting with a creative use of plantings and other features that add to its value. Good landscape design that is environmentally friendly includes:

  1. Trees, grass, plants, shrubs and flowers (softscape)

  2. An irrigation system that conserves water

  3. Walls, fences, patios and walkways (hardscape)

  4. Decorative lightingThese are a few of the features to include for an attractive landscape design for any project.

Best plantings

A professional landscape architect is usually a horticulturist is familiar with the best plants that will grow around the building and grounds. Some plants need direct sunlight while others require shade. Native plants are often recommended to make the best use of water resources. Landscape designers can work with residential customers to provide conceptual drawings and planting plans and are typically “plant oriented”. Landscape architects can work with both residential and commercial clients and provide construction drawings, specifications and details as well conceptual and planting plans. Landscape architects very generally are more space, function and movement oriented focusing more on the hardscape elements.  Landscape Architects must be licensed. Landscape designs will also include patios, decking, paths, a trellis, and/or circulating water features such as fountains, ponds or waterfalls. Walkways, pillars, brick and stone borders around plantings are the hardscapes that add to the beauty of the project. Lighting for safety and to create ambiance in the landscaping are also part of the design process.


Landscapes can be created that are low maintenance. This includes groundcovers such as rocks or bark that require less care than a lawn. Fountains and waterfalls that require little maintenance may also be recommended. Professional landscapers will also supply maintenance services to many buildings. This includes removal of grass, twigs, leaves and other organic materials to be recycled into compost. These days, landscape maintenance has become much more than pruning, mowing and picking up leaves.  With the need and trend for sustainable practices, landscapes must now be MANAGED to conserve water, use less harmful chemicals, reduce fertilizers, manage invasive plants and pests, train plants to grow naturally and feed the soil.  Today’s professional landscape company must be educated, certified and constantly learning to be better landscape managers.

Design process

Landscape design professionals will meet with homeowners, builders and project managers to evaluate their requirements. They will create renderings to illustrate the location of recommended plantings and hardscape and then provide a budget to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and manageable landscape. Gardenworks Inc., professional landscapers in Healdsburg, creates designs to complement residential and commercial buildings throughout Sonoma County. We work with our customers to develop landscapes that are always compatible with the environment. Contact Gardenworks at 707-857-2050 for more information on our design and maintenance services.


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