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How Landscape Maintenance Services Can Help to Reduce Carbon from the Atmosphere

Humankind has benefited greatly from the industrial and digital revolutions. However, they have come at a cost – our carbon footprint as a whole. Every factory in action, every push of a gas pedal, every new construction project contributes to that production of carbon. While people argue over how much can be done about it, at this point, there are definitely some actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint in your own backyard. With the help of landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County, you can do your bit to reduce carbon from the atmosphere.

How to Reduce Carbon from the Atmosphere with Landscape Maintenance?

Here are a few ways that eco-friendly landscapers can use to reduce carbon from the atmosphere when maintaining your landscape.

  1. Hand Pruning: There is nothing quite as efficient as power shears when it comes to pruning your hedges and shrubs, but hand pruning makes you feel good, is more horticulturally appropriate and that is not only for the Zen-like quality about the activity. When you hand prune instead of using power shears, it goes quite a long way in reducing the use of electricity and gas. It may take a little more time, but it does Mother Earth a lot of good as well as lends a nice natural shape to the plants in your yard. A bonus is that cleaning up becomes a lot easier.

  2. Grass Clippings: When mowing a lawn, eco-friendly landscape maintenance services will return the grass clippings to the soil instead of bagging them. Why? Grass clippings are rich in nutrients, making them a good fertilizer for your lawn. This practice also helps reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and provides other health benefits for your lawn. Last but certainly not least, it keeps plastic bags out of landfills. Further, the current generation of battery-powered lawn mowers are becoming more efficient and able to mow larger areas with price points dropping as well

  3. Compost: Similar to grass clippings, waste from your yard and kitchen breaks down and creates a product packed with nutrients that you can use to till into a vegetable garden or your flowerbeds. Landscape maintenance companies can help construct a compost pile in a discreet area of your property – that is, if you have the space for it.

Apart from these, landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County can also help in lowering carbon from the atmosphere with practices such as recycling, conserving water, planting native flowers, trees, shrubs etc. While adopting all these practices at once might sound overwhelming, starting with even just one or two can help reduce your carbon footprint, and give you a more environment-friendly and self-sustaining property.

To get help from a top landscape maintenance company to reduce your carbon footprint, contact Gardenworks Inc. at (707) 857-2050.


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