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Landscape Contractor Tips that can help you Create Beautiful Alliance in Short Time & Within your Budget

Everyone dreams of owning a pretty and well-maintained yard that brings oodles of compliments. But, what if you have never got landscaping done before or simply too scared to try it out yourself? If you think landscaping is an expensive affair then handover it to landscape contractors in Sonoma County.

There are a gazillion ways to spruce up a neglected yard and change the topography, and the looks of your front or backyard without having to spend a fortune. You do not have to be an expert in landscape designing to add up a little pizzazz to your dull and luster lacking lawn.

Simple Landscaping Tips to Get you Rolling

Choose a Good Focal Point: Pick up a focal point around which you will design a yard. Most simple yet classy designs start with one big item – it could be a series of shrubs, a large tree, a bench, water feature, sculpture, or an arch in your garden. First, decide where you want to set up a large item of your choice and then allow the rest of the yard’s design to flow from there. If your yard already has a large item, you may work around it to emphasize and enhance the design. If it is not there then consider adding a decorative item or planting a tree in an area you wish to highlight. To frame and decorate existing views you may also plant trees to enrich your outdoor experience.

Create an Edge: Ditch the plastic or metal edging and go natural. Edging gives your landscape a defined look. Use flowers to create an edging in your yard. A natural edging is pleasing to the eyes and makes way for easier maintenance. It also allows more flexibility for future changes to your landscape.

Consolidate your Annuals: A simple yet inexpensive way to give your landscape a makeover is to consolidate all your annuals in either beds or pots at high-visibility locations. Every season it can be expensive to plant new annuals throughout your yard and hence planting and consolidating these long bloomers at key locations such as the entryway and mailbox will add a streak of sophistication in your yard.

Add Fresh Mulch to your Garden: Prevent weed growth and give your yard a bold look by adding fresh mulch to flower beds and other garden areas. This is an easy landscaping fix that gives great results. Once you have spread mulch in a nice and thick layer, it will give your yard a more beautiful look! These simple techniques are used by expert landscapers to spruce up the yard in a short time. For more ideas contact Gardenworks Inc.– The best landscape contractor in Sonoma County.


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