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Landscaping Services in Sonoma County: Cold Weather Protection

While we can do nothing to control the dip in temperature during winter, there is something we can do to protect our landscape from the chilling effects. Yellowing, browning or loss of leaves is a sign that the plants have succumbed to the hard freezes. You can avoid this though by following the steps below.

Our Gardenworks team, who provide landscaping services in Sonoma, is always here to help if you are unsure about these steps!

Arm Your Irrigation Pump for Winter

While a few days of low temperatures may have no significant effect on your landscape, the hard freezes and low temperatures that linger on for long will damage your irrigation system. Protect exposed piping by ensuring that your irrigation pump is made to withstand the winter.

Use foil insulation or foam wrap to prevent backflow and protect pipes that are exposed. If your pump is above the ground, drain it or wrap its metal housing.

Another way of protecting your irrigation pump is building a pump house which keeps it from other elements as well. In case of further questions, it would be good to engage landscaping services in Sonoma County.

Identify The Plants Most Affected By The Freeze And How To Care For Them.

Some plants handle the cold weather gracefully. Those that need protection are:

  1. Young citrus

  2. Palms (Some species)

  3. Specific herbs

  4. Container plants

  5. Tropical flora like oleander, crotons, bottlebrush among others

You Can Keep the Plants Alive By

  1. Cover the vulnerable plants with a blanket, sheets or tarps. Ensure the reaches the ground to keep the plants warm.

  2. To provide extra heat, you can use a light under the blanket or cover.

  3. When the temperatures are below freezing, bring the potted plants in the house.

  4. Pick any ripe tree on the citrus trees if the freeze period is longer than expected.

  5. Add mulch around the palm plants to inhibit water supply. The trunk will therefore not freeze

If you leave the covers when the temperatures reach the 50s, the plants might think the seasons have changed and become susceptible during the next freeze.

Trust Our Landscaping Services in Sonoma County

Your plants will most likely survive the winter with the right care. Be sure to ask for extra guidance from our landscaping company in Sonoma County. Contact us today for help and services!


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