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Low-Water Landscaping Solutions

As awareness about the environment is increasing, people have become more conscious about conserving water. Let’s not forget that California has been reeling under drought for several years, and this has created a shortage in water as groundwater is not getting replenished. Did you know that nearly 30% of the water used in US homes is for outdoor use? Homeowners in the US use thousands of gallons of water each year to water their gardens.

You may feel that it is essential to use a lot of water to irrigate plants and trees. However, landscapers in Healdsburg will tell you that it is not the case. You can opt for low-water landscaping solutions, and still have lush green plants and vibrantly colored blooms. When you opt for these solutions, you not only save money on water but also play a role in conserving precious natural resources. Additionally, a low-water landscape means that gardening will not be strenuous and high-maintenance.

Choosing Low-Water Landscape

Healdsburg landscapers know the tricks of low-water landscaping. Nonetheless, here are some tips that will help you if you are looking to neaten your garden or to plan a new one.

  1. Native Plants: Always use plants that are native to your region. Such plants are adapted to the soil conditions and climate, and hence, they do not need too much water once they take root. Such plants are also are resistant to local pests and diseases.

  2. Planting Site: Even if your garden is small and compact, it will have its own microclimate, which will affect the plants. Make sure you select the planting site with care, after taking into consideration exposure to wind and sun, the rate of evaporation, and moisture levels in the soil and air. The landscapers at Gardenworksare extremely knowledgeable, and will be able to select the ideal spot for each type of plant or tree.

  3. Grass Selection: In case you do not know, grass consumes a lot of water, more than any other plant in your garden. The good news is you can choose a grass that requires less water, as long as it is suitable for your geographical region. Fescue grass is the best option for California, as it is low-water vegetation.

  4. Hydrozones: All landscapers in Healdsburg will tell you that it is essential to group plants that have similar water needs together. That way, you never have to worry about over or under-watering the plants.

A part of low-water landscaping is also ensuring the health of the soil. Ensure that the soil in your garden has the right pH level, nutrient content, and organic matter for the plants you want to grow. Once you plant low-water vegetation, shrubs, and trees in your garden, use mulch. It will reduce evaporation, and keep weeds at bay. If you are looking for landscapers in HealdsburgGardenworks Inc. is a name you can trust. Our experts will be able to help you get the soil ready for low-water landscaping. Call us today at 707-857-2050 for expert landscaping options.


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