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Tips for Landscaping With Rocks and Boulders

There are many benefits to using rocks and boulders in your landscaping. They are some of the hardest landscaping materials. When used correctly, rocks and boulders can increase the curb appeal of your backyard, transforming your home into the jewel of the neighborhood.

Tips for landscaping with rocks and boulders.

Rocks and boulders are low maintenance and more affordable than many other popular landscaping materials. Boulders are often used as a focal point in a landscape. Here are some tips for landscaping with rocks and boulders from Sonoma County landscaping experts, Gardenworks.

Create a Plan

Boulders make fantastic focal points. They are bulky and their size makes them difficult to move. If you plan to use boulders in your garden to draw the eye, position them first, and then plan for other landscaping elements around your boulders. Boulders should be partially set into the ground. Correctly placing your boulders is also a great way to prevent shifting or premature cracking.

Use Specialty Boulders

Incorporate single boulders of different mineral compositions into your landscape design. Create texture or color groupings to add visual interest. Use blocky or angular stones for accents or features in one area of your yard and rolled, water-smoothed rocks in other areas.

Use Boulders and Rocks with Unique Textures

Boulders are available in a wide variety of textures. Use smooth, rounded boulders or rough, angular boulders to add a unique touch to your garden. Experiment with mossy boulders, boulders with lichen or other vegetation, and weathered limestone boulders. Natural limestone rocks with holes make for impactful stand-alone focal points. Alternatively, you could use them as centerpieces to draw the eye to the area.

Put Some Thought into Boulder Placement

Strategically place a white boulder. Surround it with small, smooth stones to emulate the tranquility of water. Alternatively, place boulders in a cascading fashion. If you have a water feature or a stream, use boulders to create a waterfall.

Build Levels into Your Design

Decide landscape where you may want to establish and develop levels. You can do this with raised beds or retaining walls. Many landscaping companies use rocks and greenery to create levels. Use varying dimensions of boulder groupings to create a definition for each level. Add smaller landscape stones and use greenery to characterize every level further. The Gardenworks team comprises some of the most sought-after landscaping professionals in Sonoma County. We do not confine ourselves to one design and love experimenting with different ideas. To make an appointment with one of the best landscaping companies in Sonoma County, call (707) 857-2050.


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