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Understanding Landscape Design in Sonoma County

Beautiful landscaping design plays a significant role in the overall value of your property. There are ways to care for your property on your own, but if you want to take it to the next level, you should speak to a Gardenworks landscape designer in Sonoma County. Our team can assist you with your design needs and expectations.

If you’re currently exploring possible outdoor landscape design options, here are some tips and a few of the most popular trends in Sonoma County.

Monitor Sun and Wind Patterns – Want to make the most of your landscaping? Monitor the movement of the sun and wind patterns from your yard. This way, you can make sure outdoor furniture is placed in the best location, and your garden receives optimal daylight. It also helps reduce the chance of ash blowback from a fire pit.

Sketch it out – Interested in creating your own landscaping design for your Sonoma County property? Before anything, sketch out your ideas. You don’t need to be an artist to draw up what your ideal outdoor area is. This way, you can at least have a rough idea as to what it might look like when it’s done. It’s amazing what a little visualization can do.

Don’t Make Rash Decisions – This is true for any kind of home design and upgrade. Often, it takes a bit of time for a change to grow on you. After all, you may have lived at your home for some time, so any changes may just seem a bit unusual. If it doesn’t initially feel right, don’t make any rash decisions. Live with it a bit and see if it grows on you. It’s like a painter taking a step away from the work of art. They may not like it initially, but upon coming back they may love it.

Gardenworks Inc.

If you are interested in utilizing one of these popular outdoor designs or if you have your own landscaping dreams, now is the perfect time to hire a professional landscape designer in Sonoma County. With the aid of our team at Gardenworks Inc., you’ll not only realize your outdoor landscaping potential, but increase the value of your property at the same time.

Contact Gardenworks for more information.


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