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Unique Ways to Protect Your Landscape

When you have a beautifully-designed landscape, one of the most important things you need to do to ensure that it stays beautiful is to maintain and protect it. In California, you need to consider the elements like rain, runoff and erosion as well as wildfires when thinking of ways to protect your outdoor space. When you want to make sure that your landscape is well protected, it is best to hire reputable professionals who provide great landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County. These experts can help you find the most effective and unique ways to protect your garden.

Unique Tips to Protect Your Landscape

Here is a look at some unique ways to make sure that your landscape is well protected.

  1. Use Swales (a shallow trench to direct surface water) to Control Storm Water Runoff: While you might be celebrating the news of plentiful rainfall, you also need to be cautious. Torrential rain can wreak havoc on your outdoor space, causing expensive and considerable damage to your landscape that can take a number of weeks to repair and restore. It is extremely important to control any water runoff, and using swales is an effective way to do this. Although they do not stop rainfall, they can help in channeling excessive water into a drainage area, and thus help in protecting your landscape from flooding. To make your swale even more effective, add weirs to slow down silting, deep-rooted plants to reduce erosion, rocks, and pebbles (to also reduce erosion) to its lowest point.

  2. Update Your Irrigation System: Has it been a long time since your irrigation system was installed? If yes, it might be a good time to give it an update and upgrade. If it is 5 years or older, you should have it inspected by a landscaping company that provides landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County. Innovative technology has given homeowners irrigation upgrades such as rain shut-off devices, soil moisture monitoring sensors, and smart (weather-based)controllers. Features like these make it easy for you to monitor your landscape and detect problems before they begin. These devices also save water!

Divide Your Garden with Pathways: To protect your landscape from wildfires, it is a great idea to divide your garden with paver or brick pathways. This is a unique and effective way to slow the spread of fire across your landscape. Paths may also help in creating faster access for first responders upon their arrival. When using pathways, you should make sure that your paths are a minimum of 4-feet wide.

Leading Landscape Maintenance Services in Sonoma County

When you need landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County, you can rely on Gardenworks Inc. to provide world-class results. You can get the expertise of landscaping professionals to protect your landscape, and keep it beautiful all year round. For more information, simply call us at (707) 857-2050 to speak to our expert landscaping professional.


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