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3 Landscape Design Ideas from the Experts

A well-kept garden or yard is a haven for those of you who wish to connect with nature, relax and unwind with a cup of hot java or a thrilling paperback! It is therefore prudent to design outdoor spaces that meet your needs and portray your taste and individuality.

Listed below are a few tips and rules that you can take into account, when redesigning your outdoor getaway. These tips are popular, functional, and budget-friendly!

#1 Begin with your House

As strange as it may sound, the most important and dominant feature in your garden is your house. And, you must not ignore it! Your journey begins and ends with your house, and therefore it is prudent that your garden plan too should always commence from your house and work outwards.

Apply the odd rule of landscaping, and plant 5 to 7 species of shrubs in the front yard near your door. Try and avoid planting any un-natural looking straight rows of plants. You could cluster the saplings in groups of odd numbers, making sure you plant one species per area.

#2 Link the Building with the Site

This is an important rule that most experts stress upon and yet it is the least understood. Every landscape designer in Sonoma County incorporates this rule in any scheme, whether it is residential or commercial. For a landscape design to be successful, the building must seamlessly blend into its surroundings. In order to achieve this, a landscape designer must combine symmetry with biology. This is because most buildings assume a geometric shape and the garden is a biological environment. Try to link these too quickly and they will clash, and hence great care must be taken when joining these forms together to make them visually appealing.

You may add an outdoor dining space in your yard to create a perfect balance between structure and nature. Yes, you may have to carry your plate into your garden, but it’s well worth it and makes way for a more immersive experience. You could also include pre and post meal, entertainment spaces such as a pool or fire pit to add a touch of sophistication and panache!

#3 Pet-friendly landscaping

One of the most modern and contemporary trends in latest landscape designing includes features that not only look good, but also keep your furry friends in mind. A great way to make your yard pet-friendly is to build a curvy stone pathway that look royal and unique, while also paving way for your canines to explore and have a bash in the garden.

You may also incorporate a water feature that will supply fresh water for your dog or cat to drink and play. Yet another of the many landscape design ideas from experts is to plant a garden of herbs and veggies that both you and your pets can eat! This is not just visually appealing but also is a great functional use of space!

Your outdoor space has the potential to turn into the most favorite spot of your house by the use of these simple elements that are both appealing and useful. Landscaping is no easy task and must be in accordance with the latest architectural trends.

Waste no time! Contact Gardenworks Inc. at 707-857-2050 or visit our portfolio, and hire the best landscape designer in Sonoma County to give your garden a spectacular makeover!


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