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March Gardening Tips

  1. Begin mowing lawns – be sure mower blades are sharp

  2. Apply an all purpose fertilizer to plant beds and water in thoroughly

  3. Fertilize Lawns (mid March or so)

  4. Aerate lawns

  5. Irrigation system startup and inspection.

  6. Set Irrigation timer to an early Spring schedule of one time per week but leave off until the weather warms and plants look dry

  7. Inspect and service lawn and garden equipment

  8. Sharpen blades and tools

  9. Hand weed all areas before seeds set and spread

  10. Prune winter blooming plants after bloom

  11. Broadleaf weed control in lawns (air temps between 65-85 degrees F)

  12. Crabgrass pre-emergent application

  13. Cut back all Ornamental Grasses

  14. Pick up and remove spent Camellia Blossoms and blemished (brown) blooms on plant

  15. Deadhead Rhododendrons as flowers fade

  16. Cut back frost damage on plants (after danger of frost has passed)

  17. Cut back tender perennials (Lantana, Mexican Sage) after danger of frost has passed

  18. Fertilize Roses and inspect for early season insects such as aphids

  19. Fertilize Citrus w/citrus food (after danger of frost has passed)

  20. Purchase summer blooming bulbs (Begonias, Lilies, Dahlias, Gladiolas)

  21. Eliminate standing water where Mosquitoes breed

  22. All Winter pruning should be done by now

  23. Apply a new 2" min. layer of mulch to help save water

  24. Keep drains, swales and drain boxes clear in case of Spring rains


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